Thursday, July 2, 2015

How to root QMV7A

Hello everyone!

I just recently obtained a semi-new/used tablet, which I have become quite fond of. I tried rooting the device using differnt methods I found online, but encountered some trouble in the process. Hopefully this guide will clarify the process.

Here is my device info (with the important info in bold font):

Model number: QMV7A
Android version: 
Baseband version:
Kernel version: 3.4.67
wormboss@midgard #1
Sat Dec 20 01:00:16 CST 2014
Build number:
SW Version:
HW Version:

I utilized kingoroot for my method.

1.  Enable the "Unknown Sources," option in the following menu:
 - Settings > Security > Device Administration > Unknown Sources

2. Download the KingoRoot APK from the following link:

3. Open the downloads widget from the app menu and select the KingoRoot.apk file (confirm installation of file)

4. Select the Root button and start the rooting process

If rooting was succesfull, the progress bar should fill to %100 and you should see a message stating the device was succesfully rooted!

You can download an external app called "Root Checker Basic," or you can also verify root by installing a terminal app and attempting to SU to root :)


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