Sunday, August 9, 2015

Using a scanner in Slackware64-current: Lexmark x1270


I have some books that need to go back to the library. I can't renew until I replace 2 books that got water damage (I spilled my drink in my backpack). So, all of my items are going to come due real soon.

The only problem: I got a bunch of cool (programming), books from the library--and I'm not ready to give them up!

Except I must return them--especially if I don't want to accrue any more fines.


I've been wanting to get a scanner for a while. I had no intention of paying full price for one at amazon.

In the united states, there exists a type of store known as: "Thrift stores." They specialize in the sale of used goods. However, in the United States, they have a special contract with the state government in which they operate, where individuals may recieve a "Tax refund," when they "donate," items which they no longer want.

This is an ingenious business model. The thrift store gets a inexhaustible supply of inventory, essentially for free. Furthermore, the population (generally middle-class and up), have incentive to donate (and thereby provide the supply), in order to receive a "Tax refund." (The person who donates gets a refund slip, come tax time, they can get the monetary value of there donated items back.)

So, I went to my local thrift store (Goodwill), and picked up a Lexmark x1270. I didn't realize until a few moments ago that this thing was made 9 years ago. However, my requirements were slim: I did not require the printer functionality, only the scanner.

The process is ridiculously simple: I simply plugged it in, loaded xsane, and I was able to scan!

$5 well spent :)